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Products and services

The International Association of Medicine Bakers and TbT Groups - The IAMB/TbT Groups, will seek to take out the problems of facilitating the patient-care and medicine provision(s).  By usage of your products and providing Clinical Research via Protocols, most partnering pharmaceutical, OTC, and non-GMO organizations will have the bridge needed to update to good clinical practices - leading to great care.  


Additional help is needed to gain patient access for prescribed, as well as holistic medicines, to verify that we are in compliance and by working with us, we will exclude compliance on the federal levels.

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About us


                                                                          Founded in 2006 to unite,

                                                                          educate, and revise the

                                                                          human approach (with respect)

                                                                          to medicine.  We are your proposed

                                                                          bridge to good clinical practices.

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Latest News 
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Oceanfront Medical University

March 09, 2020

Since July 2010, we have dedicated all efforts to all relevant Federal Authorities to assure all protocols and licensing requirements were met so that The IAMB is able to construct an oceanfront medical university.

We will be manufacturing, cultivating, and reviewing studies to solidify and reaffirm past and present clinical trials of cannabis/marijuana.  Furthermore, we will conduct thalassotherapy research and CBD products from our health facility.

Our aim is to provide updated and enhanced continued education (focusing on women's health) to licensees, supported by protocols contributed through clinical studies.

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Introduction to New Drugs

January 05, 2020

The IAMB/TbT Groups are compliant with, has received all required licensing for, and obtained the green light from government agencies to begin the manufacturing cannabis for the process of Clinical Trials.  

We are currently hiring Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine, Psychiatrists, Epidemiologists, open-minded Medical Doctors, and Clinical Researchers to start.*  Preferably new graduates and Veterans.

The IAMB/TbT Groups are moving forward in healthcare with a new approach to a more accurate clinical practice all the while modernizing medicine.

Only through science can "facts" change.  

*The IAMB and TbT Groups are always accepting applications from Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, and more.  If you believe you have a service that should be included in our studies, we encourage you to send an emailed resume.

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