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The IAMB (International Association of Medicine Backers) / TbT Group was founded in 2006 to unite, educate, and revise the human approach (with respect) to medicine.  

We believe that there are many alternatives to medicine that enable the human body to regenerate, reproduce, and enable a healthier immune system.  When the body is deficient of the correct nutrients and vitamins required by YOU specifically, that's when diseases begin to take over.

Continuously working since 2008 with multiple federal agents, The IAMB/TbT Group seeks to establish a safe, federally compliant facility for the manufacturing, education, and distribution of cannabis.

Environment & Sustainability

The IAMB/TbT Groups are confident in working within the confinement of laws and nature, we are environmentally aware of our carbon footprint in society.  We continually work with greenhouse conscious companies and are always looking for more ways to reduce our CO2 emissions. 


Many of our facilities will have gardens and trees surrounding the land, we use organic products that are either biodegradable or environmentally-friendly, and we never test on animals first. 

Safety & Strategy

Since 2009, The IAMB/TbT Group has enthusiastically and energetically researched, self-certified, and familiarized the rules of clinical trials and the measures that it will take to ensure safe practices to our staff, volunteers, and every participant in the studies.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, The IAMB/TbT Group meticulously sanitized all areas that business is, or might be conducted; Already practicing safe services and social distancing measures we are satisfied with the set-up of how our manufacturing, trails, and courses will be conducted.


Dedicated and working hard to help mankind.

The Feds own the Meds! 

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